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Choose Rich Media to catch consumer's attention and improve engagement with your advertising campaign. Underline premium image of your brand using innovative non-standard format and enjoy high CTR rate. Our professionals can create a beautiful design of the ad for you.
We can create rich media according to brands needs and ideas. Just share your concept with us!
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desktop and mobile

phone mockupgif profit button
phone mockupheart profit button
phone mockupgif profit button
phone mockupgif profit button

Non-standard: Profit Button

Profit Button can be dragged by user.
Custom Size

Non-standard: 3D cube

3D cube can be dragged by user.
150x150 px


Full-screen banner, located on the article page.
320x480 px

Spin banner

User can spin the ring
Any standard size

Profit button with Full-screen video

After a clicking on the floating button video appears on the full screen.
Custom size

Feature list

After clicking on the button banner transforms to a few smaller floating banners on full screen.
Custom size

Full-screen video

After a hovering on the banner for 3 seconds, video appears on the full screen. (Available only on desktop)
728х90 px

Before / After

Banner with draggable effect.
Any standard size

Poll and product description

Interactive choice options, detailed information on the product, CTA button.
Any standard size


User can scratch top layer of the banner to reveal other image and info.
Any standard size

Flick banner

Animated banner with different messages & CTA
300x250 px


Countdown with the predefined settings.
300x250 px 728x90 px


Render an image carousel, a rotating display of images (automatically or triggered by a user's swipe).
300x250 px

Email sending

After clicking button "Send" the form with the input fields appears.
300x250 px

Lead generation

The lead form appears on a click. Lead information is sent straight to your email address.
300x250 px

Color Change

User can change the color of the product by clicking on the options.
300x250 px


Certain objects are moving (in predefined way) while scrolling.
Any standard size

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